How do I find Recycled phones for sale

Hello Is there a place or a way I could get emails or notifications on recycled phones for sale?

Are you looking to buy or sell a used phone?

I recommend for buying or selling a phone.
Much more so than ebay as Swappa is far more regulated.
I use Swappa for years to buy and sell.

After you create an account, you can “subscribe” to certain phone models and get emails when someone lists a phone for sale.

They also have a unregulated “BoneYard” area where u can buy or sell broken/damaged/blacklisted devices.


I am looking to buy a phone. Not too expensive, but has more storage than the one I have.

Then I would certainly recommend Swappa.
They would have used R.W. 3.0 unlocked BYOP compatible phones.
Otherwise, R.W does sell some low cost phones that are very decent.
The Moto E4 is the best bang for the cost. $129. Has expandable memory via MiroSD.

But if you are looking for the older, legacy, discontinued 2.0 Refund plan compatible used phones, those are rare custom models that are now quite worn down, and the ones u can find for sale, are quite overpriced. Like $150 for a Moto G 3rd gen…u can get a much newer and better phone for the current plan for less.

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I will get looking into Swappa. Thank you!

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Here is Republics document on the subject

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