How do I forward calls?

Would love to have phone service, or at least texting when I am in the mountains…

When I go to the mountains, I have zero bars on my new Republic 3.0 phone. However both a Verizon hotspot and my wife’s ATT phone work great. So…the question is: how can I forward my Republic phone number to either an ATT or Verizon number?

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I don’t have one of the new phones but I would see if voicemail forwarding works on your phone. Voicemail

Hi @johna.ubqib2,

@marshallh’s suggestion to use voicemail forwarding to your wife’s phone is one option. Additionally, in theory, you should be able to connect your phone to that Verizon hotspot via WiFi.

the voicemail forwarding worked! Thanks! I would not have deciphered this from the name of the function.

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