How do I forward my phone calls to another phone number?



How do I forward my phone calls to another phone number?


Hi @robertd.qa1c3r!

Republic does not currently support call forwarding. They do, however, support Voicemail forwarding. Please see the following article: Does Republic Wireless Support Call Forwarding? – Republic Help .


RW calls it VM forwarding but it’s essentially the same as call forwarding. The number fwd’d to will ring same number of rings as if a normal call before going to it’s VM in my experience. RW won’t let you forward calls/VM to another RW number which is a bumber IMO.



Unconditional call forwarding (where your cell phone does not ring at all) most carriers support it, but they charge per minute for the use of it. I found this out the hard way while on Sprint.

Conditional call forwarding (where your cell phone will ring like normal, then will stop, and ring the number forwarded to, which makes for double the length of time rings the caller hears) is usually included in most plans on all carriers free of charge. R.W call this Voice-mail Forwarding.


Thanks for the conditional and not explanation.

Do most other provider provide forwarding to another phone with the same provider? My heart ache in this scenario with RW is the inability to forward to another working RW phone. They seem to think it’s unimportant for members.



As far as I found out, what provider the forwarded number is, makes no difference in how they charge you.


Charge or no charge you’d be able to forward to your own provider’s phone numbers from your knowledge? At RW if you have a second line or your wife/child/friend, and you use RW there is no call forwarding to other phones on RW. Instead of carrying one of my RW phones I need to carry both if I don’t want to miss a call on my other line. My alternative which worked was to go with Mint Mobile for awhile. Now back to lugging two RW phones around.