How do I get android 7/nougat off my moto x pure and upgrade?

This is getting truly ridiculous with the battery. Motorola is not helping.

Hi @alanespeed,

I’m a bit perplexed by your question. Android 7 (Nougat) is the most up to date version of Android available for the Moto X Pure. There’s nothing to upgrade to. Additionally, it’s generally not possible to remove Nougat by downgrading to an earlier version of Android.

So, if it’s battery life that’s the issue, then candidly the battery in your Moto X Pure may simply have reached the end of its useful life. The Moto X Pure was released in 2015 and depending on use 2-3 years of useful battery life for a smartphone isn’t particularly unusual. That said, I suggest running your phone in safe mode to see if a third party app might be the root of the problem.


You can use an app like AccuBattery to measure battery health. I found it useful on my Pixel when I had thought decreased battery life was a result of updating to Android Pie. It turns out the battery was just in poor condition. I had the battery replaced and all is well.

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Thanks, Roland. Sorry about the confusion. It’s just in perusing all of Motorola and then android I saw higher versions of Android, and thought “maybe there was a way”. Like going back to marshmellow.

I haven’t actually used the phone in almost two years because of this problem, and I had another opportunity. (S8).

Would you happen to know the best way to get a replacement battery kit? Just go to amazon or ebay?

Thanks again for your expertise,


Thank you for your reply. Any suggestions on the best replacement kit. Now that the warranty is gone, might as well. Motorola sure wasn’t any help when it was under warranty!



No. I usually send my phone to the manufacturer to have it repaired. I’m too old and impatient to want to do it myself anymore.

I would also not over look a local cell repair shops like CPR: cell phone repair or UbreakIfix for battery replacements

If you want to give it a try yourself, Amazon and eBay would be the best bet. I would suggest looking for a good battery replacement guide on the internet as well. I would only suggest this if you are extremely proficient with electronic repairs.

Thanks, Corey. I can fix almost anything. Didn’t want to void warranty. My bad.


Thanks for the reply.


Since you’ve had the Moto X Pure for more than year, it is already out of warranty, so there’s nothing to void.

Hi Roland,
I really appreciate your input. Truthfully I didn’t know these batteries were that weak.
I normally buy rechargeable batteries for other things, and they have gone a long way…
I just felt that if the thing doesn’t last a day, with hardly using it, then it’s a piece of [redacted]
I had thought that some “upgrade” that someone had talked about would help with battery usage.
Thanks for your help!
Now, to find a battery in Tampa, aha

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