How do I get customer service?

Ok . .anyway to get customer service when you have a problem??


If you need account-specific assistance, you’ll want to open a Help Ticket. That’s done in our help center by logging in at
or in the Republic Wireless app on your phone.

If you have general questions about using our phones, our service, or our policies, feel free to ask those questions here in our Community.

A complete list of ways to get Help from Republic Wireless is here:

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I tried openning a help ticket.

No one got back to me.

My mother’s acct was shut off due to Republic Wireless’s billing error. (They submitted incorrect info to the credit card company.)

This is unacceptable.


Your ticket has a reply that has been pending your response for a little over half an hour. It was responded to six minutes after it was submitted.

Please note that we can take account actions only when working with the verified account owner.

We bill according to the information provided by the account owner.


I’ll open a ticket on behalf of the account owner, to assist further.


I responded to the help ticket.

Here is the problem:

My mother is an elderly lady in a nursing home. The phone is her only communication with me and the outside world. Due to Republic Wireless’s own error they cut off her service without notice. She has used Republic Wireless for at least five years.

Is there something wrong with this picture?


It is a complicated situation for elderly parents who still manage their own accounts, I agree.

We wouldn’t be in business long, though, if we cut off people’s service willy-nilly. We send several warning E-mails to the E-mail address on file before we ever take any account action. Then we suspend the account before we cancel outright.

We’re always eager to help prevent a cancelation, but we must act within federal regulations.


She’s elderly but not incompetent.

She texts me, my brother, and her friends all the time. If she rec’d a cutt-off notice she would have told me.

Sounds like you are not gong to solve this problem.

I have no idea why you falling back on “federal regulations”. I’ve identified the account and I am simply asking you to do what you’ve been doing for the past four or five years: bill her account properly. You gave AmEx the wrong information so naturally they didn’t pay you.

Is she able to access her E-mail?

If you have the account login info for their RW account, then u can certainly go in and correct/update the payment card info in the account portal for them…that is what I do for my mother, as her card expire date changed. (card do expire after a few years, or number may change if bank issues a new for for whatever reason.)

No one here can just go in and “fix” something regarding payment method, not even RW staff.
It is the same with any provider.

If the payment still fails after updating the card info in the Account portal, then there is an issue on the banks/credit card company side that is blocking the transaction.

(I had to close out my American Express card, as it was not accepted at several places i shop at frequently locally and, they kept locking the card if i got gas half a mile away from home as it was in another city and county, and their security systems thought it suspicious.)

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