How do I get email notification of help ticket responses


I used the get an email I could reply to when there was a reply/response to a help ticket. That is not happening with my current ticket and I can’t find a Settings button that will enable this function. Is it hidden somewhere?


Have you checked your SPAM folder. Depending on what you’re using for email, you may have to add exceptions to SPAM filtering.


you can also view /reply to tickets here


Yes, I have checked my spam folder


Yes, I know, but the entire point of the question is to re-establish the
response notification on the help tickets so I do not have to waste time
going to the website only to find that there hasn’t been a response to
the ticket yet.


This is an odd thing. It’s possible there is an issue with email providers servers. This does happen once in awhile with Google and ATT, that I’ve had experience with.

You have to be patient and see if this gets resolved on it’s own. If they’re not in SPAM or JUNK folders and you’re not using anything to block emails, then it’s probably email providers server issue. When this happened with ATT I would receive a few email but not all, then one day I received a years worth of emails all at once.

In the meantime, use the link @drm186 provided so you can keep an eye on what’s happening with your ticket. You might want to mention this email issue with RW within your open ticket. Maybe it’s something on their end that needs adjusting.


So many of the email responses we have sent you have failed to deliver that our ticketing platform no longer tries. I see this error on your ticket in our platform

No email will be sent to the user “[name redacted]” because all of this user’s email addresses are undeliverable.


I have mentioned this issue several times in the ticket and it has not been addressed yet, hence the forum question.


It might be a good idea to contact your ISP and see if they’re having an outage.


That is interesting. Is it this email address?


It is the same email that is used to login to this forum.


And yet I still get a steady stream of promotional emails at the address.

I looked as best I could and there doesn’t seem to be a notification choice in/on/around the help ticket pages. Is there some way I can establish notification or am I stuck going back through the website to blindly check if there has been a response?


Email notification is all we have now. We are working on text but it is not ready yet.


OK, so how do I get email turned back on?


I reset the warning in our ticketing system today. We will see if it works.


It worked. Thank you.


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