How do I get/find an "eligible" phone for Sprint's year of Free Unlimited Data plan


I’ve been a loyal RW customer since '12, HOWEVER, I’m currently unemployed and have no income; that’s why I’m very interested in this ‘free’ promo. Also, it’s really annoying trying to get by on only 3GB/mo; especially coming off of the great unlimited data Defy XT $20/mo plan.

Ideally, I’d like to use my RW Moto E4, but based upon my initial inquiry, my MEID(?) &/or ph# was “ineligible” to proceed further in Sprint’s Free Unlimited promo. Any help w/ this would be greatly appreciated, thank you very much.


I think the issue is that the phone is already on their network though Republic and the one of the requirements (from what I’ve seen) was to port from Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile (some have reported work from one of the MVNO from those companies )

you really need to find out from Sprint what the requirements are (I will note Sprint has had issues activating a phone on their network if it’s already on it’s network from one of their MVNOs, other than that the Moto E4 should work on Sprint)


The only advice I have is to stop by a Sprint store and see what they can work out for you. There was a fairly long thread on this topic a year ago:


NO. The Free 1yr promo is online only. The clerks at the stores can not help anyone with this.
Also note, this promo was supposed to end over a year ago. It was to be ended multiple times, and it was closed a few times, but then re-opened. It could be killed off anytime.

That promo stipulates only certain model phones and qualifying plans from other top carriers. I dont think the Moto E4 and a R.W. plan qualify.

It requires credit check (SSI) to see if you qualify. I had other issues signing up, as it refused to take any of my bank or credit cards for some stupid reason…but it eventually went through.

There is certain restrictions for what port in lines can qualify, but I can only speak from my experience and from others back when i signed up for it now 2 yrs ago. I was on tmobile pre-pay at the time and they accepted the port in despite the fine print saying only post paid quailifys. Others said they had success porting in form some other non-Sprint based pre-paid MVNO’s. Sprint may have further restricted the promo as of recent times.

And the plan cost about $5 a month cause you have to pay the taxes/fees, requires Autopay setup, else they charge you $5 more.

The best place to go to for info on this is the really long forum here:


Hi @ri15,

I’m sorry to hear that your situation has you considering leaving us, but it is definitely hard to pass up something that is free. I hope it works out well for you.

There is a chance your current activation is the reason that the phone is not “eligible.” If you don’t mind, open the RW app, tap the settings gear :gear:, tap “About” and check to see what it says as SIM type.

If it’s CDMA, there’s a chance that’s the reason the phone is not currently eligible for the Sprint deal. I’ll be glad to send you a GSM SIM card so you can swap it and see if that makes a difference.

If the phone was purchased elsewhere, the issue can be due to a lingering record in the phone’s history. When that’s the issue, the folks who work at the Sprint store are able to clear that up, though once in a while you may find one who needs to be reminded how to do so.


Hi, thank you for your help/time. I’ve had this Moto E4 less than 1 month (I believe it’s a pre certified pre-owned ph from RW); I’m looking at my receipt now, it states it has “CDMA ISIM / LTE SIM card”.

Thank you for offering to send another Sim; if you believe that would solve the problem, great! Much appreciated :slight_smile:


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