How do I get Google out of my busininess?

I would give RW 10 stars if it wasn’t for Google trying to take over my phone and my life! I have sync turned off but somehow it syncs my cell address book, I store my contacts on Google, reset cell sync with Gmail, then unsynchronize, kill my contacts in Gmail, Now my calendar tries to sync. I understand the relationship between RW, Moto & Google BUT I WANT TO BE SET FREE! I Don’t even allow myself to use GPS I’d rather be lost than get in bed with Google, I hate them! LOL

What happens if you go into the phones settings menu and select “Accounts”, select Google, and then unsynchronize the various Google apps from there?

I hope you have a backup plan in case your phone breaks or gets lost if you don’t want to use Google.

first off Android is Google’s OS and the phones work best with google Accounts (Apple does the same in iOS and so does Microsoft in the Windows OS)

create a dummy account just for the Play store

never sync anything *

use a local contact app *

uses a local calendar app

“HERE WeGo” maps for GPS

*Don’t complain when phone is lost or stolen that you can not get recover your contact

If you’d rather have Apple be “in your business” you could switch to an iphone. But the truth of the matter is, Android devices are, essentially, Google devices, and by owning one, on any carrier, makes you part of the Google ecosystem. Just as owning an Apple device would make you part of their ecosystem.

The only way to be “free” of such involvement is to go back to a “feature phone” (old style “dumb” phone - flip or candybar form facor) - but even then, you should know that all traffic over cellular is most certainly tracked and logged, an WiFi isn’t much better when it comes to lack of anonymity.

If you are that concerned about your privacy, the only solution is to conduct all your business face-to-face (and perform all financial transactions in cash), and be sure to keep an eye out over your shoulder for peepers and eavesdroppers. Welcome to the 21st century.

I work everyday using such technology. Using computers since 1979; no issue with technology just I want to be the one in control!

Knock on wood, been using a mobile device since 1994 haven’t lost one yet! If I do I’ll buy another, My Moto G 1st generation is 3 years old. I work everyday using such technology. Using computers since 1979; no issue with technology I just want to be the one in control! Yea we all know privacy is a thing of the past; unless you go off the grid. If I need Google’s help I’ll ask for it thank you very much lol!

I see. So you have no concern for your privacy, nor who is tracking you, as long as it isn’t Google. Why do you hate Google in particular, but are OK with other manufacturers, carriers, etc. having and controlling your data?

And if that’s the case, then, as has already been said, you probably shouldn’t be using a “Google Phone” at all if you hate (or distrust) Google that vehemently.

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