How do I get into my phone's hard drive if it's dead and won't charge?


My Moto X 2nd Gen has been dead for a few days since it isn’t charge. (I’ve tried different usb chargers and usb cords. It charged one time since, but after and before that it would just vibrate every now an then as if it were just being plugged in, then after a couple of minutes it’ll revert to the green light. I’ve looked at the port and don’t see any gunk in it.) So I was wondering if there was a way to get the data off of my phone with it dead. Maybe something that entails taking it apart? Or if you know how to fix it’s charging problem that would be a great help



Unfortunately dead phone dead drive. This company maybe able to help you or fix the charge port. CPR Store Locator - Find The Nearest Cell Phone Repair Shop

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Cant I use some sort of adapter to access the hard drive? Also, what about replacing the battery?



Battery replacement and power socket repairs were the idea in the phone repair shop with 2200 locations. This phone isnt the easiest to replace the battery.

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