How do I get misleading blog info corrected?

Before I went with Republic, I read Larry’s blog about “What is Cellular Data?” He claims SMS does not use any cellular data at all. Now I find out all Republic SMS are entirely based on cellular data. I’m not worried about the little bit of data that they may use, but all the other apps on my phone busily sending out info on where I am and what I’m doing, downloading crap that I don’t want or that can wait until I have access to unmetered WiFi.

This situation is a no go for me. I want to be able to turn off cell data 100% unless I specifically need it, but leave SMS available at all times as well. You know, like normal telephones. How can I do that with Republic? At least can we get that blog post corrected?

The data used for SMS and MMS does not count against your paid data allotment. RW covers what ever data is needed for your basic call/text and the reason data needs to remain enable in the phone settings.

You can turn off your purchased data via the RW phone app. When opened you will see Data Tools, select and you’ll see Data Freeze, enabled turns your data off. It will have no effect on the data needs to use for calls/text. That’s what I do.


You can turn off cell data 100% by going into the Airplane mode. Then you can turn on W-Fi and should be able to make calls and SMS, as long as you are connected to Wi-Fi. Regarding apps that send out information as to where you are, that is something that can occur regardless of whether you are connected to cellular data. You can manage location services in your phone and disable GPS, and also you can remove apps that use these services, or change the permissions (in the App section of Settings.)

Hi @jamesb.xzbgta,

I’m sorry, it took me a while to find what you were speaking of, as it’s not a blog, it’s a Help Center article.

I will talk to Larry about correcting the article.

If you’d like to list some of the apps on your phone that seem to stay busy even when you’re not using them, we can help you determine whether there might be ways to disable their access to cellular. Many apps have settings allowing you to manage that background activity.

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Great! I got some excellent suggestions. @williamo.vkbg0s was exactly what I was looking for. I remember when LTE first came out and I thought, “Wow, a data connection that can drain a month’s worth of data in half an hour.” At least I get a good connection. It is a constant struggle, to tame the wild app. Playstore is the worst by far. I recently caught it updating itself over WiFi, changing its settings then maxing out my cell data link to update everything else, even though I was logged into WiFi at the time.

Thanks folks!


Glad that was helpful. The upgrade to the My Choice app makes it easier to due than prior versions.

Are your Play Store auto updates disabled in Store settings? I leave mine off to prevent unwanted changes to the apps as well as to prevent the data use.

Hi @jamesb.xzbgta,

The article has been updated with corrections. Thank you for letting us know!

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