How do I get my phone to ring for longer


I have a Moto5G S and my phone doe not ring very long on incomming calls. How can I set it to ring longer?



It should ring for 29 seconds (7 or 8 rings) . That is as long as we can set it for. Call in from another phone and that is how long they should wait until the call goes to voicemail. If we we even able to extend it, callers would then start to hang-up

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Well guess I will have to put up with it as is. Thank you for your time.


Not necessarily. Is it ringing for 29 seconds? Is it different in wifi vs cell?

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In the past there have been Moto phones where the Ring Volume starts soft and ramps up, Could this be part of the problem? From the Lenovo forum there are complaints but no fix offered. Here is App to Disable Asecending Ring from the Play Store, can’t test don’t have the same phone


I have not timed it but I don’t think so. When it rings I can barely get it out of my pocket before it quits. I only use with WiFi.


Will try that and thanks again for your help.

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