How do I get SIM for new phone?

Throwing in my 2 cents here - I came over to RW in 2014 as I was so tired of the outrageous charges more like price gouging by others, been a cell user since 1996 using Motorola phones - When I came to RW I purchased a Moto G & Moto X both 1st Generation phones, the G fell into the pool & I also dropped from RW to T-Mobile in 2017 w/a Samsung Galaxy J (help out other family members to get a 4 phone plane for a flat $100 unlimited plan) but keep my RW plan for the Moto X. Now the Moto X has out lived it’s shelf life, Just purchased 2 Moto G Power unlocked phones (Sprint, T-Mobile & other compatible carriers). RW phone service has always been good; however when you have a problem and need service RW is slow in resolving, I need a new SIM Card for the Moto G to replaced the old Moto X (1st Gen) SIM, I’ve filed a Trouble Ticket #2032629 & email as well. All I’ve received is the auto reply 3 times that my ticket has been received & will be routed in the last 24 hours. My New Moto G message pop when I inserted my old SIM says my Moto G is compatible now would I like to buy a SIM card. I was afraid to prompt yes and I was unsure if it would start a new plan. Since this is a Self Service type of company it would have been faster to offer to order directly from my RW account for a new SIM since we can now like all carriers - to bring your own phone; however I could not find that option - so here I sit waiting on a reply from the ticket (no response from anyone to my email) to get a new SIM Card. RW Old Moto X I believe is partnered w/Sprint - I worry a new RW SIM partner is T-Mobile & to be honest T-Mobile service is very bad in my area. I have a T-Mobile Signal booster in my house which runs on WI-Fi. My Moto X using the RW Sprint SIM is much more reliable…

Generally buying a SIM is a self-service affair. You can get one here: SIM Card – Republic Wireless – Republic Wireless or here:

Tickets are triaged. Tickets that are regarding things that the customer can accomplish themselves are generally lower priority. In addition opening multiple tickets (which it sounds like you might have done) actually slows things down as support spends time combining the tickets and retriaging rather than actually solving issues.

You will need to start a new plan. The new phone use the My Choice Plan only.

The BYOP SIM is T-Mobile. If you know their coverage isn’t good Republic documents how to request a Sprint SIM here: How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help (


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