How do I increase data use

I got a new phone that required I get a new plan. Can I increase the amount of data I have or do I get fined if I go over the 2GB i have purchased on my new plan. If I go over the 2GB what happens, will I be notified and given the opportunity to purchase more data like on the old plan.

you will get a notification when your near the end of your data and will have the option to add more with a 1 time purchase though the Republic App


You can set your plan to renew each month on the My Choice plan Basic call/text plan at $15 or Basic with between 1GB to 15GB of cell data per billing cycle. The plan allows easily/quickly adding one or more GB of data to your plan for up to a total of 15GB at anytime during your billing cycle. Adding the data doesn’t alter your plan amount previously chosen and the additional data expires at the end of the current billing cycle.



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