How do I insert SIM into G5


I just received my new motog5 phone and need to install my sim card. I set the phone face down like the instructions say, inserted the sim tool into the sim tray hole to pop out the tray, but the tray does not pop open. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help.

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It takes quite a hard push with the SIM tool. Have you given it a really solid push once it “hits bottom” in the little hole?


I always use a paperclip since the SIM tool is universal it does not always accomodate all of the phones the same.


As @louisdi stated, you sometimes have to push harder. It can be tough to get the tray open sometimes!


I have found/experienced using the tool provided in the RW SIM card packaging and being unable to open trays in a MXP and an Ascend 5W. Unsure if issue is the diameter or the limpness of tool RW has been providing. Encountered no issues using a genuine Moto tool.


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