How do I keep a legacy plan on a phone number from another carrier?


I’m upgrading my phone and want to keep my legacy plan and old phone to use on another number. I have two phone numbers – First is Republic Wireless MotoX Legacy Plan – Second is Vonage Home Phone. I just purchased a Moto G Plus to replace my 1st Gen MotoX. I don’t want to lose either phone number. How do I keep my legacy plan transferring my second number Vonage Plan to my original MotoX phone and keep/transfer my first number to the MotoG Plus upgraded plan?



The best way to do this is as follows:

  1. Activate the new phone as a New Line. The new phone will be assigned a new phone number.

  2. You will need to check here to be certain your Vonage phone number can be ported in to Republic:

As long as that comes back affirmative, you can transfer that phone number to your NEW phone after it has been activated. You can find help in finding the information you will need from Vonage for the number transfer here:

Then when the Vonage number has been transferred to your NEW phone, open a help ticket and request that the 2 phone numbers be swapped.

That way you will be able to keep the existing plan on your old Moto X.

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The legacy plan is tied to the phone’s model, not it’s number. Your old Moto X will always be on the legacy plans. If you were on the legacy 1.0 reactivating it will put it on the legacy 2.0 plans which are IMHO better.



That may not be the OP’s opinion though. They specifically asked how to keep their plan, so I gave them steps that will allow that.


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