How do I keep my current phone #

I am trying to activate my phone, and download the Republic app, but it is not allowing me the option to choose the phone # that I currently have. It is saying it will give me a new #. I want to keep the phone # that I had. How do I do that?

Thank you!

Hi @michelled.v86jk6

Here is Official instruction from RW on how to Activate a phone. Please review this and reply.

Activate | Republic Wireless

edit: I think that is outdated. Try this…

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are you a current Republic member? (you forum account was created last night)

If current member you need to log in to your Republic account on the phone during activation and it should give you the option of upgrade/replacing a line)

if you new to republic then welcome, Republic does number transfers (ports) form other carriers on already activated phones so go ahead and activate as a new number and then follow the directions in the link @c1tobor posted ,

If you are branching out from another Republic account to your own you will need the old account owner to create a support ticket authorizing the number transfer (you should also create a support ticket referencing the other one from you new account

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