How do I know how much data to add to my plan

Just bought a phone with 4G Let. How do I know how much data to add to my plan? Should I add any? Should the additional data match the 4G already on the phone?

Here is an article & calculator from Verizon it will give you some ideas what you can do with data … but things you may want to consider

  • If you pay for 4GB and only use 1GB … you loose 3 (no rollover or refunds
  • The Plan you choose will only allow a change on the monthly anniversary, so if you want to buy a smaller package you can do it any time, but it will not take effect until the start of your next billing cycle
  • You can always add 1 or more GB at anytime (and it’s nearly instant, and it is still only $5 a GB)
  • A lot of helpful information can be found in the blog Republic - PWK

Hi @kimberlyc.9hlg7w,

Please don’t let the different abbreviations cause you to buy more than you need. Your phone is capable of working on a 4G LTE network. 4G LTE is an abbreviation that has to do with the speed of the data.

You’ll buy data in 1GB increments. GB has to do with the amount of data. So GB and G are different things.

If you’re planning to use the internet for tasks like checking your E-mail, looking up directions to places on Google maps, or streaming music while you’re away from Wi-Fi, you’ll need to purchase some data. As @jben pointed out, if you buy more than you need, you lose it at the end of your billing cycle, so it’s wise to start out conservatively.

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Hi @kimberlyc.9hlg7w,

If you use some cell data every month you may want to begin by setting up your My Choice plan to include basic talk/text ($15) with 1GB of cell data ($5) for your scheduled monthly billing total of $20. The beauty of the plan is the flexibility to easily add more data if or when needed.

My main number is set up on just the basic talk/text and my monthly bill is only $15. I normally add 1GB of data when first needed soon after the new billing cycle begins. It only tales a minute or two to purchase the data using the RW app and the data is quickly added to my number, it’s usually 5 minutes or less from start to using my data. To me it’s worth the 5 minutes to allow me the most control of my plan and data use. It’s also a good way to learn how to use the app for the times additional data will be needed to be purchased.

For those who regularly use certain amounts of data that like to set it and forget it, monthly plans can be set up with monthly reoccurring amounts from 1-15GB and may be more convenient for many members.


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