How do I know if I bought a 16Gb or 32Gb Moto X 1st Gen



I just ordered a Moto Z play, 32GB, but don’t know if the Moto X, first generation, purchased May 2014, that I’m replacing, was 16GB or 32GB??? Anyone know the answer? I’ve looked all over, and can’t make a determination.


If purchased from Republic it was 16 GB (the 32 GB and 64 GB variants were only on Moto Maker)
[note the 64 GB was only open for a small time (about a month or to in late Jun July and August of 2014) ]


Thank you so much! I thought that was the case, but couldn’t find any documentation on it.


your welcome
just using my memory, I remember when the Moto Make became an option and debated upgrading my for the extra space (didn’t do it)


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