How do I know if my Moto G1 has been updated?


I purchased a new phone and activated it with my old number, and now I want to reactivate my old phone (Moto G 1st generation) with a new number. I have been directed to the instructions on the web site, but there are two sets, one for phones that are 4.4.4 and one for phones that aren’t. How do I know if my phone has been updated? I first bought the phone in April of 2015.


Look under

Settings -> About phone -> Android version.

Also, for reactivation this a good link to look at

Reactivating My Republic Phone

(Finally it takes you back to the same activate my phone page…but it has some good info about reactivation as well)

You might also want to backup all your data from that phone and do a factory reset before reactivation, just to start with a clean slate. These steps are by no means required for the reactivation.