How do I log out other devices?



My phone was recently borrowed by someone who I immediately after getting it back no longer trust, as I have reason to believe that they took sensitive information from it, possibly even mirroring it with passwords and all. I just changed my password. How do I log out other devices that may be logged into my account? Can I?



Changing passwords to all account associated with the phone would be recommended for this type of issue.


Thank you, my first action was to change my Republic and Google passwords,
amongst a few others. I didn’t know if there was something to check on my
Accounts page as well.


No, also, it is unlikely whatever the person did they got your passwords or personal information.


Hi @melissah.9nlqiz,

There is an option in Gmail to make sure other devices are logged out. You can find it by signing into Gmail on a computer.

Sign out from another computer
If you forgot to sign out of your email on another computer, you can remotely sign out of Gmail.

Open Gmail.
In the bottom right corner, click Details and then Sign out all other web sessions.
Tip: If you’re using a public or shared computer, sign out of your Google Account before leaving the computer. Learn more about signing in securely to Google.


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Thanks! I didn’t know the actual Gmail page had that functionality, only a
few layers into the accounts security page. This is much easier. The more
you know…!

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