How do I lose Yahoo notifications?

Annoying and I can’t see how to get rid of these notifications. I have yahoo mail and finance on my phone but not regular Yahoo.

Yahoo mail is regular Yahoo just like Gmail is regular Google. Go to your Yahoo account and opt out of whatever you can.

Yahoo has put breaking news into there email app (and maybe their finance app also)

from the yahoo email app tap the 3 bar menu icon in the upper left of the screen, then go down to notification you can then turn off the breaking news information

Open the Yahoo mail app. Go to Menu > Settings > Notifications. Disable mail and news notifications.


You can also disable notifications in the phone settings/apps.

if one does that they lose new mail notifications also

Don’t know the current situation, but in the past I found the Yahoo mail app used a LOT of data for those news functions, so I removed it and just added my Yahoo account to the Gmail reader.

my yahoo app used about 24 MB last billing cycle (and only about 6 MB about 1/2 way though the current billing cycle)

Note I have those breaking news notification turn off

When I found that Yahoo linked to Facebook by default (no notification or permission), I kicked it to the curb. I got rid of face book a long time ago(they don’t ask permission either.).

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