How do I make better use of a micro SD card?

I have a Motorola 3rd gen phone. I added a 4 Gb card. The phone does not seem to make much use of the added storage and I still get “Insufficient storage” messages.

I have just cleared the system cache but seems like a temporary solution.

I have gone through apps and moved as much as possible to the SD card.

What else can I do to prevent the “Insufficient Storage” issue ?

@jillr.itptio ,

Usually the best place to start the phone settings for Storage. Scroll down to SD card and use Move media. Next you can go to phone settings for Apps. Tap on each app as you go down the list, some will have the option to move to the SD card. If you see an app you don’t need it may have an option to uninstall. Some apps can’t be uninstalled but may be disabled which may reduce future data use and you can clear some of the data it’s used since being used.

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