How do I make sure I get the "free six months service" on the phone I just bought


I bought a new Moto G4 model XT 1644. This phone came with a six month free RW account. I currently have a Moto G 1st Gen and an account. When I activate the G4 does it automatically shut down the old account and apply the six months to my account?


The Six free month offer [from B&H] is only for new lines of service, if you are upgrading your line you do not qualify for it, if you activate as a new line and then cancel your old line [and kissing your number goodbye] one would just activated the new phone with included SIM and pay only tax on the new line

Edit to add goodbye


Do I lose my phone number?


You said "if you activate as a new line and then cancel your old line [and kissing your number] ". Does that mean that I kiss the old phone line goodbye?


Hi @leonardm.desd5l,

The promotion is valid only on new lines. It cannot be applied to an existing Republic Wireless phone number.


Depends upon what you decide to do.

During the activation process for the My Choice plan you’ll have the option to add a new number or replace another number.

To get the 6 months of free service you must activate the new phone as a new number/line on your account. If you opt to replace current number the offer will not apply.

Your current G1 will remain active as long as you don’t transfer number or cancel the service to the G1. You also have the option to change to $5 WiFi only plan on the G1 or cancel it and kiss the number goodbye.


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