How do I move audio files from my computer to my phone?

I want to upload audio files from my desktop to my cell phone.

i don’t know why i have so much trouble with this new phone. many things i try don’t seem to work. my old moto g worked ok, but it was too small and cracked screen.

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Hi @c2a0bfc3-92cc-49fc-a,

Would you like a pronounceable username so we feel like we are talking to a person?

Your post is overwhelming and may scare any help away! We understand that you have a lot of questions, but think now about what is going to happen if people start trying to help you… one person will say, “Have you tried this?” and another will say, “do this” and a third might suggest something else entirely. You’ll lose track of who is helping you with which question and everything will just be a mess.

Let’s try this: Why don’t you decide which question you’d like to tackle first, and let’s (either you or I) edit your post to focus on that one question. Once we get that one squared away, then we can move on to a new question, in a new conversation.

I have several speeches i want to listen to on my phone so lets start with that. put an audio file from my computer into my phone. i can’t even make this chat system work. where is the send button?

my name is mike

Hi Mike, we’re glad you’re here to work through your questions.

Would you believe our online Community already has a someone who has claimed the username mike? I’m going to dub you @friendlymike, but if you aren’t fond of that, we can change it.

It might help to think of this as an online Community rather than a chat system. You’re not talking one-to-one with just me. You’re having a conversation online, in a public forum where others can read it, learn from it, and chime in to assist you. You’ll need to click the “Reply” button each time you are ready to post what you’ve typed.

Ok, that’s a good starting point. I’m going to edit your original post so those who might want to help know what to focus on. Meanwhile, can you tell us what phone you are using?


Hi @friendlymike

As @southpaw indicated it would help to know which phone you are currently using.

Moving audio files from the Computer to your Phone should be no different than moving music or any other media files. It can be done in a variety of ways, from using a USB data cable, an SD card, or using the cloud.

Do you know what format the audio files you wish to move are using?.. that could be a factor…(not so much moving them, but making sure the phone will play them back).



You can use the Doubletwist app. It will put your audio files in the proper format. It comes in two parts, one goes on the phone, the other on your PC.



Hi @friendlymike,

Were you able to move the speeches to your phone? If not, we’re still waiting to help, we just need to know which phone you’re using.

moto e4+ sorry i haven’t gotten back to you. sick today.

so tired right now. have apnea on topof sick. i just can’t think or i would proceed. sorry. it just unnerves me doing anything with this phone. have alreadyasted so much time with it. wondering if it has a virus as my desktop did when the phone was hooked up to it. may need to hard reset it.

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I’m sorry to read you’ve been sick! Please rest and feel better. We can work on some more of your phone questions after you recuperate!

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would like to know how to send a movie for example to my big screen tv, too. to bed now though

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Hi @friendlymike

Hope your feeling better after some rest.

A little more information would go a long way. What your asking here is how to “Cast” media from your E4+ (phone?) to a Television.

This can vary slightly depending on if it’s a SmartTV, using a streaming device like Roku/Chromecast, and where the media resides…(phone/SD card, cloud, PC, etc).

If you can give us these details we should be able to help you accomplish this.

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