How do I move from Moto X4 to Samsung Galaxy S10e... do I use Google backup and sync?

I’m moving from a Moto X4 to a Samsung Galaxy S10e and I want to keep all my phone/text contacts, apps that I have on the Moto X4.

Do I use Google backup and sync? Is there a “How to” to guide me through this?

Many thanks!
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Hi @hnash53,

There’s an excellent guide here in the Community:

That said, since you are moving to a Galaxy S10e, you might want to give Samsung’s Smart Switch app a try. Smart Switch should be bundled on the Galaxy S10e but would need to be installed on the Moto X4:

Smart Switch supports both wired and wireless (WiFi) connections. In my experience, while WiFi is more convenient, a wired connection is more reliable. Establishing a wired connection would require a USB-C to USB-C cable, which you may or may not already have.

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Roland…thank you very much for providing the links to get this done… much appreciated.

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