How do I move my AT&T number to RW?

Hello, I am new to Republic…I would love to have my old number, but I have been given a new number. How can this be changed?

I am currently with AT&T and would love my own phone number . I have had this number for more than 15 years and would love to keep it as it was stated in my research when deciding to move over to Republic. I still have my AT&T account open, but if I need to cancel to get my number, please let me know. Thank you in advance.

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Check this document:

Hi @sallyv.fnsuvn,

  1. Under no circumstances do you want to cancel your AT&T account prior to transferring your number. Doing so would risk loss of your 15-year old number.
  2. You’ve posted your question to Republic’s Community, which is a public forum. To protect your privacy, please edit your phone number out of your question.
  3. Please see Number Transfers for information on how to transfer your AT&T number to Republic.


A simple porting of your number has to happen. Here is a document that will help you. I suggest checking your number in the port checker.

Number Transfer | Republic Wireless checker

Number Transfers info

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During the brief time @sallyv.fnsuvn’s number was visible to us, I took the liberty of checking it. It will transfer.

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