How do I move phone number from old Moto E to Moto X

The Moto E uses republic wireless service but on the Moto X the republic wireless service was canceled but phone is still good. I wish to retain the republic wrerless service on the newer Moto X phone and the phone number associated with the Moto E. What do I do?
Thank you.

Hi @petrophysics,

Please see if this helps:

If you were not the previous user of the Moto X. a factory reset of the Moto X first is best practice.

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Thank you very much, but I think this is not exactly what I’m trying to do. The Moto E already has the phone number installed. The Moto X does not have any phone number, but was previously a Republic Wireless phone which I canceled a little while back. It still has the app installed however, just no phone number.
So, do I need cancel the Moto E somehow before “activating” the Moto X with the phone number?

Again, thank you very much for your help.

Do NOT cancel the Moto E number (this would release the number away from you)
Just open the Republic app on the Moto X and walk though the activation you will be ask to login to your republic account and given the option to replace an current line select the line attached to the Moto E and it will be moved to the Moto X (and the Moto E will be deactivated at the same time)

The directions you were provided by @rolandh are in fact, exactly what you’re trying to do. Please take a look at them.

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Thanks everyone! I’ll have to try tonight since my wife just left with the phone. I really appreciate everyone’s help.

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