How do I move pics/videos from internal to SD on a Huawei Ascend


I don’t have a manual and I just need some help figuring this out. My computer doesn’t recognize my phone so I need to move my files to a SD and get a SD reader. Thanks


not an expert on the Huawei Ascend 5W but on most phone one needs to add a file manager to the phone to move files around (to and from an SD card)


Total Commander is a good app, however, the Ascend 5W has its own bundled file manager app called Files already installed.


I saw this and tinkered with it but I still don’t know how to transfer what is on the internal storage to SD. Any advice?


Think I figured it out. Thanks!! Now I can just get a SD card reader to upload to my external HD if I cant the darn phone to connect to the computer.

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