How do I purchase a new phone without using financing?

I have never experienced such a miserable time trying to pay for items in a shopping cart. Is there any way (if so, please tell me how) to finish purchasing a new phone without applying for and using Affinity?

Simply uncheck the box asking if you want to finance.


I’ve tried several times, and even with the box unchecked, it will not allow me to go forward to the next step.

Are you filling in the card information below the checkbox to be able to move to the next step? (The next button doesn’t become active until valid payment information is entered).

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The next button was not activated in order to get to the CC info page. I found the fault and it was mine. I run No-script and needed to give temporary ok, when I allowed it, I was able to proceed. Now I’m feeling like a dunce. But at least soon to be a dunce with a new phone. Thanks for your help.


Hi @Phonehome,

I hope instead of a dunce, you’ll feel like a hero. Most people would never come back to Community to explain such a solution when they found it. By doing so, you’ve helped others who might experience the same frustration. Thank you.


I have more dunce moves:
Forgetting to pause Ghostery when a page will not load properly.
Unloading the VPN from a foreign server when logging onto my bank.
Ditto for my health insurance company.
Using the touchpad on the notebook when I’ve sworn multiple times to never, ever use it again.
Wondering why my monitor is so dim and off-color. “Must be the video card driver”. Nope. It’s still in Night Mode you big dummy.

You can blame is all on an intermittent wonky connection between your brain and Bluetooth. “I have Bluetooth?”

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