How do I purchase and setup a replacement E4



Please forgive my ignorance, but I want to replace one of my phones with the new Moto E4 phone.
The phone I wish to replace is an older Moto G 1st Gen phone. I would like to know how or know where to go to know how to do the following:

  1. Buy a new as a direct replacement for the old phone
  2. How to activate the new phone so that the old phone deactivates
  3. If the old phone number doesn’t automatically transfer to the new phone, how to manually transfer the old phone number to the new phone.

Thank you very much for your time.

Bryant C. “Cody” Mothershed

Moto e4 upgrade from e2
  1. order from the Republic Store (link to the account no longer happens on point of sale and the plan choice is just a place holder (though upgrading from a Legacy phone you will need to chose a new 3.0 plan)
    Moto E⁴ | Republic Wireless

  2. during activation you will log in to your account and chose to upgrade/replace the line this option will transfer the number and deactivate the old phone
    Activate | Republic Wireless

  3. if for some reason the phone gets activated as a new line a support ticket can swap the lines and deactivate the new line after on the old phone
    Republic Help


The new Moto E4 is being supported as a GSM only phone at this time so your coverage will be different from what you are used to on your G1. Be sure to check your coverage by entering your zip code before you add the phone to your shopping cart.


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