How do I remove Auto Boost?

I want to remove Auto Boost. Not sure where it can from and cannot find the app on the phone. How do I locate it and remove it?

typically these type of programs are part of an phone optimizer or cleaner app (some time even antivirus apps) I would start to see if you have any of those types of programs installed (most of these are not scams used to put adds on your phones)

I’ve looked and I don’t see a particular program called Auto Boost on the Play Store. However that being said, there are about a million scam apps that have an “auto boost” function.

Did you download an app that claims to clean, optimize, speed up, save battery, free up memory, improve performance, a sound booster or equalizer or anything like that? If so, that the culprit.

A quick Google search finds complaints about Memory Booster Lite and it’s intrusive ads and All-in-one Toolbox and most recently an audio App called Equalizer Pro or Equalizer & Bass Booster. Do any of these ring a bell?

I did not install anything new. I can’t seem to get rid of this

This comes from something that you’ve installed, there’s no question about that, we just need to figure out what app. These types of apps purposely do not start showing ads right after installation, but rather way days, weeks or sometimes even months to start, to make it harder for you to determine what app is causing the ads.

I hate to ask you to post a list of the apps you have on the phone, but can you go to Settings – Apps and list out what’s on the phone?

I am also having this problem. I did not download any new apps:
Airbnb, amazon alexa, amazon kindle, android accesibility suite (this app days I downloaded it from he play store, I did not, at least not intentionally and no icon shows up for it on my phone), avanti market, bed time fan, calculator, calendar, call, camera, cash app, chrome, colornote, contacts, crossword, denver, docs, documents, drive, duo, easy voice recorder, email, files, gallery, gboard, gmail, google, google pay games, google play services, google play store, google text to speech engine, great clips, healthiest you, instagram, jamba, hoann, lookout, lyft, maps, messaging, messenger, music, name id, netflix, next radio, noodles, open table, panera, parkmobile, photos, pinterest, routshout 2.0, rtd tickets, settings, sheets, slides, sound recorder, spothero, spotify, starbucks, strava, sudoku, tuneinradio, twitter, updates, venmo, visual voicemail, weather, whole foods market, yahoo mail, you tube.

I would start by uninstalling one by one:

  1. Bedtime Fan
  2. Crossword
  3. Lookout
  4. Sudoku

Those are the most likely culprits.

This may be something that you downloaded a long time ago and it just got ‘updated’ to add this new feature
If you have a timeframe when this started, you could do the following:

  • Access the Google Play Store
    • Tap :menu:Menu
    • Tap My Apps & games
    • Tap INSTALLED (tab) … then Sort by Last updated
  • This will provide you an ordered list to begin removal with
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ok, things that got updated 6-7 days ago will be easy to unistall, they are parkmobile, duo, alexa, panera, netflix and spothero. Nothing I have used in a while.
I also went through and said “NO” on all apps that could “draw over other apps” and the auto boost has not re-appeared. I can cross check which of those have that feature that were updated in the last week.

None of those will be the culprits. I strongly suspect this has nothing to do with an update, but rather a “sleeper” app that doesn’t start showing ads until weeks or longer after being installed in order to hide the fact that it is displaying ads. Have you removed the apps I mentioned?

Your comments about sleeping apps have helped me find the culprit, I think.
I installed a fitness app about two months ago. It would allow me to remove it from my desktop but not uninstall it. I needed to go into the app settings to get rid of it. It seems to have worked.

Thank you.


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If you have the chance, as this doesn’t seem to be isolated to you, if you can share the App name, that’d be great.

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Daily Fitness was the app that I think was the culprit.


Appreciate you coming back and letting us know!

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