How do I remove imported pics and contact info?

I just received my new Moto G7 Power. While activating it I was asked about bringing over stuff. I thought it would come from my old phone (Moto X) so I said yes. Well a ton of contacts were brought in, not my old phone’s contacts but it looks like maybe from gmail? Lots of people that I do not know but were CCed on email sent to me, most without phone #s. Is there a way to get rid of all of them quickly (not one by one) and then transfer the contacts from my old phone to my new phone?
Also a ton of pics came over from google photos online. I do not want those pics on my phone. I only keep a limited number of pics on my phone. How do I get rid of them on the phone, but NOT have them removed from google photos online?
Any help would be appreciated!!

So looking at my old phone I had an ap called Gallery. In there it showed me all the photos that I took on the phone. That is what I am wanting, not Google Photos. Just an easy way to see photos I take on the camera. I do not want Google Photos linked to the phone.

OK, I got the phone contacts straightened out (the long way). Now, how do I not have google photos sync up with the phone and is there an app like Gallery that I had on the Moto X to view the pics taken on my phone?

Hi @nancys.qxcjqb and welcome to the Member Community. Glad to see you got your contacts straightened out.

We decided to migrate from the Gallery app on our old Moto G1 to Google Photos. Google Photos does the job for us. Here’s a link to the Google Photos help pages. Suggest you read through this and see if it answers your questions.

Please note that there are sections for Computer, Android and iPhone & iPad on most of the pages. Lots of drop down menus so you can dig down for more detail.

Here’s another article from a different site with information about deleting photos from the device but keep backup with Google Photos. It’s an older link but I think it still works.

BTW - there is a setting in Google Photos to turn Backup & sync on and off

Hopefully this helps. Other members may have some pointers for what you’re trying to do too!

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Thank you. I think I’ve got it now.

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