How do i remove my pin number that i use for unlocking

How do I remove my pin number that I use for unlocking my phone? It takes me too long to get it

unlocked when I receive an incoming call.

Answering an incoming call doesn’t require unlocking the phone. You simply swipe the ringing phone to the green icon. No need to unlock.

In any case, you can go to Settings – Security – Screen Lock and remove the lock from there.

I can not take off pin either. Security and then enter pin but no removal button and none is disabled by administrator what ever that is

That means that you have an app installed that’s preventing removal. The most common culprits are connections to corporate email systems, banking apps or payment apps.

I cannot get rid of my screen lock PIN. I never set up payment with anyone. I never set up business email. Although I did set up email with personal Gmail account, I have set it to not synchronize. I kept this special Gmail account used only to download software for the Moto G3 and/or Republic Wireless. I installed Gogo Entertainment to watch video during airline flights. I have Weather Channel and YouTube apps, but I think these and all other apps were pre-installed. I cannot figure out what is keeping me from access to the Settings-Security option to eliminate the PIN. Anyone have suggestions?

Which model phone do you have?

Moto G3

Ok Go to:

Apps – Settings – Security

and in Credential Storage select Clear Credentials.

Then restart. Are you now able to remove the PIN?

YES! (Oh, am I shouting?) That was easy, once you know how. Thank you.

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I am undergoing that self-same problem. No applications, other than a gmail account, that was necessary for the activation, has been added.

NO corporate email. NO banking. NO additional applications of any kind.

NO. I am sorry to report that method did NOT work.

Thanks, any way.

You cleared Credential Storage, rebooted, and it didn’t resolve the issue?

Yes, I did. It’s a Huawei. There has been no additional software installed. I’m drawing a blank, everywhere I turn

Can you please go to Settings – Security – Device Administrators? What apps are listed there?

I will respond from here forward in the new thread you started.

I truly appreciate your assistance. My wife just left, taking her device with her. However, when making the attempt to disable the PIN feature, after imputing the PIN … NO “none” is shown. Again, I truly appreciate the assistance

Please, let’s keep the conversation in the other thread. Too confusing otherwise.

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