How do I reopen a help ticket where the "solution" did not solve my problem?

I support my uncle’s phone and I recently fixed it but the cell service stopped working properly (wouldn’t call out) after 2 weeks I got a sim card and the ticket was closed before I could get the sim card in (I live 3 hours from his house) I cannot reopen the ticket and when i tried to reference it in a new ticket it was immediately closed. I understand that they do have a lot of tickets and most likely need to close them fast but when I tell them in the ticket that I can only try solutions on weekends and they close it 2 days before I am able to get the sim card and put it in that is just ridiculous. I would like to get this problem solved so I thought I would ask the community if there was a way, without starting from scratch to get this problem solved if they just close the ticket as soon as they get another ticket referenced? I mean I cannot add a comment because it is locked for responses, any ideas?

Hi @alleriodrone,

For what it’s worth, my experience with Republic is closing tickets isn’t a matter of needing to get them classified as “solved” sooner rather than later. There are limits (I’m uncertain exactly what they are) as to how long Republic’s ticketing software will leave a ticket open in the absence of some communication without closing it.

That said, you’ve already done what I would initially suggest in opening a new ticket and referencing the one that closed without a solution. Generally, when new tickets are seemingly being closed out , there is one deemed open and what are seen as duplicates are being merged into that ticket.

Do you see any open tickets when signed into the appropriate Republic account here: If so, please respond to that ticket. If not, please let me know the ticket number of the original closed without a solution ticket and I’ll ask staff to take a look.


After looking I suppose another ticket I put in could be the continuation of the same ticket, I put it into that ticket instead, thanks for the response. Just didnt really want to start back at square 1 again, I have 2 open tickets on my family members accounts. One has been added to a bulk ticket that I haven’t got the status on still. Thank you again for your response

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Hi @alleriodrone,

In addition to the merging of duplicate tickets that @rolandh spoke of, we also have replies to closed tickets set to auto-close with an E-mail to the member asking that they open a new ticket, instead.

The reason for this is that we found people were just going back to old E-mailed tickets and hitting “reply” when they had a totally different question. Maybe the previous ticket was a billing question, and the new ticket was about a phone issue. The “reply” would then pop a new ticket open in the billing queue, which has a much different response time than a ticket about an issue that’s making a phone non-functional.

Any time you have a ticket open that is awaiting your response, we send warnings that we’re waiting for you and the ticket is due to close soon. This is because many people, once they get a solution, never respond. Those tickets would just stay open until the end of time if we didn’t close them out by timeout. The warning E-mails include an “I need more time” link that will notify our team to extend that timeout.

If you’d like me to look over the ticket history you’re describing to make sure no agent closed your ticket out prematurely, please send me the previous ticket number and I’ll be glad to do so. Whenever there’s an opportunity to improve, our agents are always eager to learn from past experiences and adjust how they handle tickets going forward.

That’s understandable! A note in a new ticket that “this is a follow-up to ticket number [whatever], please read that first” would be a good way to avoid needless repetition.


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