How do I replace my broken Republic Wireless phone quickly?

(Former title: I have a republic wireless account but I broke my phone and need to replace it. Can I just go buy any cell phone and have my number put on a new phone with my republic wireless account?)

I have a republic wireless account but broke my phone the other day. Obviously I need another phone NOW so I must go immediately buy one. Can I go buy just any phone and have my number switched over to it with my republic wireless account or do I need to buy a certain type of phone.

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No, sorry, only the phones in the Phones section, the BYOD section, and the legacy hybrid models are certified to work with RW.


if you are looking in a BYOD you will need to buy one of the models listed above and you will still need a BYOD SIM (legacy phones SIM will not work and need to stay in the legacy phones)

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