How do I replace my present phone on my RW account?

I want to delete my husband’s account, then replace my Republic Wireless phone with my husband’s Republic wireless phone, which is newer and nicer than mine. I was told that I need to first cancel his service line (?), which will cancel his account. I think that means to delete his phone on his account. Then I was told to “activate his phone on your account by replacing your current phone.” I don’t know what is meant by “replacing my current phone.” Specifically how do I do that? Thank you for any clarification.

When you activate his old phone, choose to “keep your number” as a replacement on your line. It will activate the new phone on your existing number, and deactivate your old phone.

Depending on whether it is one of the newer phones, or a legacy RW device you may be able to keep your same plan. You’d need to let everybody here know the models you are talking about.

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