How do I request a feature for the Republic Wireless App?

I never answer calls that are not in my contacts.

It seems the phone app should have the ability to silence any call not in contacts and send them straight to voicemail. I do this manually every time I get a call that is not from my contacts. Seems like a very simple feature that a lot of people would want.

In the Republic Wireless App, there is “Call and Voicemail Settings”. In there is “Configure spam call blocking”. I suggest that as the perfect place to add an option to “Silence calls not in Contacts”.

Hi @jamesb.901og2 and welcome to the Community!

Though most of us participating here are not Republic staff, staff does monitor and occasionally drop in here. In effect, you’ve made your suggestion.

Meanwhile, have you considered using your phone’s do not disturb setting to allow calls and/or text messages only from your contacts?

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Yes I am reluctantly using Do Not Disturb for now, but that’s not an ideal solution as I had previously set DND to automatically turn on at night and allow starred contacts only (i.e. family only). Also, my notifications will not sound in DND, and of course, I do not want them to sound while I am sleeping at night. Which is a more appropriate use of DND than having it on all of the time.

I’ve never even considered an iPhone until now, but if you google “silence calls not in contacts”, the first page is all iPhone. Add android to the search and you get 2 “solutions”; DND and install “Blacklist” app. I should not have to install a new app for this. Each new app is a security risk. So apps should only be for things that are not basic phone functions. An option to silence calls-not-in-contacts sounds pretty basic to me, and just the thing to make the phone useful again.

I use DND for exactly that. It silences all calls that aren’t in my Contacts,and I chose the option to send those calls to voicemail, in case it’s important. I don’t use another app, and I don’t get bothered. I leave it on with those settings 24/7.

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