How do I reset my phone

What phone do you have? Samsung Galaxy 7

What plan are you on? Choice Plan 1 G data

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? all three

can’t connect to wifi. I have tried disconnecting, then re establishing the connection. I have turned the phone off & restarted it. I think I need to a reset where I hold down the volume and on/off keys, but don’t remember how. my laptop and wifi printer are working.

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Hi @charlotte

I found an article with some steps for you to try. Some you already have… but there are a few more for you to try. It also has the instructions for the Factory Reset (step 4) but I would try the other steps first. Especially steps 2 and then 3.
I realize the article is for a Galaxy S7 (and you have the 7), but I’m betting it should still apply.:wink:

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Given the potential of unreliable 3rd party websites, here’s Republic’s instructions for factory resetting your phone: How to Factory Reset a Cell Phone – Republic Help

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Thanks for the help. Took care of the problem immediately



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