How do I restore contacts from Republic Anywhere?

My old phone crashed. The contacts were not backed up on Google. There is a short list (about a dozen contacts) on Google, so it was probably when I initially set up my phone (about 9 years ago). I just noticed my Republic Anywhere application shows what appears to be a COMPLETE list of contacts (~250 contacts). So the question from the first line - how do I get the Republic Anyway information into my Contacts list?

(Side question: Republic says Republic Anywhere does NOT store contact information - that it’s on Google - but here I have two lists, one on Google, one on RA, and they’re not the same. So what’s going on?)

(Side Question 2: Is there any way to upload a delimited text list of contacts? Something like a vCard format? I’ve captured the text data from RA and can “massage” it if necessary - but was hoping for a “cleaner” solution.)

Note: I’m on a Mac, if that makes a difference. I noted another question about Mac RA data not “syncing” with Google - and suspect that may actually have saved my contact list from being a TOTAL loss!

Have you upgrade to a new phone and checked to see if your contacts transferred over when setting up the new phone. Or used republic anywhere on the new phone.

You may find this useful…it is generic for iOS to Android move…but should work to get your contacts into your Google account and therefore on to your new phone

You may find this instructive as well

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If the contacts in question are in the native Mac contacts app, yes. If the contacts are housed only within the Anywhere client on a Mac, unfortunately, no.

Therefore, the question for @kurta is are the contacts on his Mac only in the Anywhere client app? Or, are they, by chance, also in his Mac’s native Contacts app?

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Hi @kurta,

I have another question for you. Presuming you didn’t enter the 250 contacts Anywhere picked up from your phone manually, where might they have originated from?

If they weren’t synced to the phone via the Google account with the lesser number of contacts, might they have been synced from a different Google account? Or, some other service such as Microsoft or Yahoo?


Some came from my address book on my Mac. (I’ll have to go back and try to figure out how I did that!) Many were manually entered. The problem is I can’t just transfer my address book again, since it doesn’t contain all the contacts. Really, a “merge” would be nice, but for phone/text, the Republic Anywhere app shows the most current list. (Don’t know how that’s possible, since Republic says the RA app doesn’t contain the data!) But it’s got to be SOMEWHERE, and it’s not on Google.

There is no other Google account. I never set up my phone with Microsoft or Yahoo.

I think there must be a local copy and the Mac hasn’t synched with Google. This has either prevented the Mac from updating Google, or the other way around. So if such an update were to occur, I’d either get the data sent to Google - or Google would wipe out the data on RA and replace it with the shorter list.

I would agree Republic’s Anywhere servers are involved as an intermediary. That is not the same as saying Republic’s Anywhere servers store contact information in a form useable to anything other than an Anywhere client.

Republic Anywhere sources contacts from one’s Republic activated phone on which the Android Anywhere app is installed. It doesn’t matter how the contacts got to the phone (Google account or other means). If they’re there, Anywhere will sync them to Anywhere clients on other devices. If I’m understanding correctly, you would like go in the opposite direction syncing contacts from Anywhere on your Mac to your new Republic activated phone. To the best of my knowledge, Anywhere is incapable of that.

Again, Anywhere doesn’t sync directly with one’s Google account. Anywhere takes contacts from one’s Republic activated phone (because Republic activated phones are Androids contacts on Republic activated phones are commonly but not always synced with one’s Google account). For example, I choose to sync my Mac’s contacts to my Republic Android phone(s) via iCloud (yes it’s possible).

I believe I have found where Anywhere stores contacts locally on my Mac but it’s not in a format useful to anything other than the Anywhere client on my Mac. The path on the Mac is /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Republic Anywhere/f36254f3-e792-47e6-a469-28dfde7117fa/db. The italicized apparently random string is likely to be different on your Mac.

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I searched through the tree and found multiple database files - presumably sqlite. Unfortunately, they were all password protected and i have no idea what the password is.

Another dead end.


Would be nice if Republic would finish the RA app.

Thanks for taking a shot.

Given that Republic stopped actively developing Anywhere some time ago, I think we need to accept the reality, it is what it is in its’ present form. It still works for me, so I still use it. Further and for what it’s worth, while I agree it certainly would be a beneficial feature, I don’t believe the developers necessarily intended for Anywhere to be a contacts backup solution.

Earlier in the thread, you mentioned having captured contact information from Anywhere on your Mac as text. Is that in a delimited text format of some kind? A Mac’s native contacts app can import tab-delimited text. Once contact information was imported into your Mac’s native Contacts app, there would be multiple ways to sync it to your new phone.

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Good morning @kurta,

Did you find a workaround for recovering your contacts? Were you able to “massage” the text you mentioned capturing earlier in the thread?

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Nope. It appears that Republic did a real half-assed job on “Republic Anywhere”. Very disappointing.

The closest I came to a workaround was copy/paste of the information. But that’s just everything in one long text file and it only includes names and phone numbers. I still have to parse the mess into something I can import.

You having a similar problem?

No, I’ve long synced contacts from my Mac to iCloud. iCloud contacts can be synced to Android.

I’m as disappointed as you are that Republic no longer develops Anywhere. That said, in fairness, Republic never advertised Anywhere as being a contacts backup solution. For better or worse, Republic presumed folks would otherwise backup their contacts via their Google account or as I do otherwise.

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My disappointment has two aspects.
The first is, of course, personal. as regards not being able to transfer the information. I’m not saying there should be an expectation that the option should exist.

The second is disappointment over the lack of quality generally. Everything about Republic Anywhere is “clunky” at best.

The second element is probably at least a partial reason for the first.

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