How do I return a phone that is the wrong color


I must have chosen the wrong color when I ordered my wife’s phone. How do I swap it out for the right color.


As long as you have had the phone less than 14 days, you can return it following instructions here:


this answer is of little use to me. I just want simple instructions on how to return the phone and order a new one


Log in to your account. Click on I Want To (Green Bar)

Click on Cancel

If the phone is returnable, it should be listed there.

Please read through the Money Back Guarantee document though, as you need to include all parts of the phone and remove any security settings you added.

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the Money Back Guarantee – Republic Help is the only way to return a phone out side Republic support Tickets (which is only done for defective phones)
Republic does not do phone exchanges when a wrong model is selected they expect the customer to return the unwanted phone via the guarantee and then simply order the correct one

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