How do I return a phone under the extended holiday return policy?

Is there a special link for the christmas return? it wont let me do the return the normal way due to the old 15 day rule.

Here is this years announce, Republic Wireless extends our phone return policy for the 2019 holiday season however it doesn’t provide any additional info.

  • I would suggest you Open a Ticket

i did open a ticket. looks like management and the tech people arn’t in sync. lol

I would just reference the 2019 Announce link in your existing ticket, I’m sure that they will sort it out for you


Hi @lindsayh.fkyhgm,

To be slightly more specific (and I’ll try to remember to mention this if we make a similar announcement next year) the account owner for the account on which the phone was purchased needs to open a ticket to initiate the return.

Since the extension is an exception to our normal policy, we don’t have an automated process for it, but our agents will be glad to manually set up the return.


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