How do I return to a closed conversation with an Expert?

how do I find my closed question?. on my chromebook

Hi @williamt.j9degc,

It depends entirely on what and where the referenced question is? I do not see that you asked another question here in the Community recently. So, are you asking about a ticket? An online chat with staff? A conversation with one of Republic’s Experts? Something else?

recent question such as this one. Andreas aanswered it for me

Below are links to the topics you’ve opened in the community.

Samsung J3 icon management questions

Does the 15 dollar plan include up to 1gb data? or zero data?

Billing increases last three months

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Hi @williamt.j9degc,

@andreas is one of Republic’s Experts. By design, you would have received email copies of her responses during your conversation. Any of those emails would have an embedded link taking you back to the online conversation. Are you able to locate those emails? You might need to check spam folders.

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Thank you @rolandh and @cbwahlstrom,

@williamt.j9degc was trying to resume a conversation with an Expert, and it appears that on some browsers the Expert conversation widget is not re-opening after a period of time. @williamt.j9degc was able to talk to our Help Team through our Live Chat feature to get the help he needed with his phone.

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