How do i revert back

Please,how do i revert back to Republic Wireless…the number is have was generated by RW but i changed to a diifferent network…Now i want to revert back to RW,there service seems to be better…Please can anyone help me??

we need more information

what phones do you have

whose network to you move to (was this the Republic new GSM partner network or did you port out the number)

The Phone(new phone)

is an LG phone and the current Network provider is Straight Talk. I moved from Republic wireless to Straight Talk (current provider) and would want to move back to republic wireless…

Hi @anoruoa.oh5sfq,

You may certainly bring your number back to Republic, however, unless the LG phone is the Nexus 5X by LG, it won’t work with Republic. If interested in a new Republic phone, I suggest starting here; Coverage Check | Republic Wireless, then proceeding to the online store by clicking the blue “Shop Phones” button. You might want to read this first: Republic Wireless 3.0 FAQs.

If you still have your old Republic phone, so long as it’s not a DEFY XT, that may be reactivated as well: Activate My Phone.

Regarding the potential number transfer: Number Transfers. Some Straight Talk specifics not covered in that document: Porting Guides for Transferring Your Number to Republic | Republic Wireless Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia.

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