How do I save a screenshot so I can participate in the challenge?

Trying to participate but saving the screenshot as an image is not working… ugh… help…?


Hi @amyb9

Here ya go :slight_smile:

Yeah, saw that… thanks for that again… Not working.

@amyb9, I cannot think of any way that it is possible to save a screenshot as anything other than an image.

We might be able to help better if you tell us exactly what steps you are taking, what you expect to happen text, and what happens instead.

So I got the screenshot a few times now… but it is not showing up in my images. Can’t find it and keep repeating the steps above.

Amy B

How are you trying to access the screenshots?

Depending on the phone you might need to install a gallery app to view images outside the camera’s default “image” folder.

If you have Google Photos on your phone, open the app and at the bottom/center should be “Search”. That next screen should have “Categories” and under that…“Screenshots”.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers:

She succeeded, just before you replied!



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