How do I send SMS to Republic 3.0 (T-Mobile, no secondary #) from an Exchange server?


I had on-call rules set on our Exchange server to send text messages to my old phone (Moto X, Sprint SIM, w/secondary #) when critical alerts came in.

Since upgrading to a new phone (Moto Z Play with a T-Mobile SIM and no apparent secondary #), I cannot get this to work, AND we can’t simply forward to the email to SMS address provided by Republic wireless, because our Exchange provider does not allow email forwarding rules (for anti-spam reasons).

Please help! I’m on call this weekend, and could miss a critical alert if I stop being glued to my email or go to sleep! :’(


Your phone does have an underlying T-Mobile number but knowing that might not help. Open a service ticket and ask RW support. Let us know what you learn.


second number phone dial


well it star pound star pound 4 6 3 6 pound star pound star
the stars are not showing up

screen will clear and then tap
phone info

under the imei is a phone number which will be your tmoble number


there is an underlying number but it does not receive text on 3.0 phones as all Republic text are now IP (i.e. data) based
Republic does support Email to SMS ( )but the email needs to be simple text
How to Enable the Email to SMS feature – Republic Help

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Yes, I tried this, but it’s blank apparently. Based on drm186’s comment this may make some sense, but also mean this not a viable solution for my problem. :frowning:


It wouldn’t be viable anywhere. The underlying number isn’t usable on 3.0 phones.


Thanks, this is good insight into my problem! Unfortunately, due to the anti-spam policy of our exchange provider, I cannot get email forwarding to work from our exchange (though I was able to prove email to SMS worked using my personal email account).

So I think I either need RW or our exchange to provide a solution. :-/ So opening a ticket should be my next step.


I’m sorry to say, there likely isn’t a Republic solution. Can you run an email app on your Republic phone to access the work email directly?


I can, but Outlook and most other alternatives are very poor for notifying through do not disturb without alerting on EVERY EMAIL, so it’s a very bad solution at either end of the spectrum. :frowning:


Hi @nathanielj.qdsme5
There’s a possibility of having a Sideline Number but you will have to pay to play( a few dollars a month)…
Sideline – Second Phone Number

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That’s a pretty reasonable workaround, actually… I’ll keep that in my back pocket as a backup plan, thanks!


I happen to use it running a side business. I actually have a different ringtone for that sideline number so I know how to answer the number. There are some spam calls but not many. This way I have a dual use phone & maximize efficiency.

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The one issue with this is why would the service text sideline? Sideline is a VoIP number just like Republic is.

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