How do I set up my phone so it does not use so much data

I need some assistance with my settings so that my apps are not using so much data, what do I need to do in settings?

the Republic app has a global data on/off that would stop data being used by your apps while keeping it for the need routing and texting functions

for legacy Phones you will be able to turn off data for each app individually (this function is no there in 3.0 phones app but can still be done via third party apps like Opera Max or a no root firewall type app

one can also go in the setting and turn off background data

It’s a bummer that we can no longer fine-tune our data allowances as could be done in previous versions. What’s the reason? It makes me miss my Moto E 2nd gen. With my Samsung J3 not only do I get bloatware, but I have to download more apps to do what the RW app did so well.

Republic got out of the ROM in the new phones [they are factory unlocked] and without the deep integration of the ROM republic doesn’t have access to fine data controls

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I used to use a firewall app and don’t use one any more. What I do now is turn off background data for all but essential apps.

Apps I allow background data:

Republic Wireless
Texting app - in my care Anywhere and WhatsApp
Email apps - GMail and BlueMail
Weather apps
Google Apps

I don’t use much social media so the two apps that I have, I turned off background data. Also, turned off notifications for these apps.

If you stream Youtube, when you’re finished be sure to logout otherwise it will continue to eat data. Since I don’t use this app, I’ve disabled it.

As a result, I hardly use much data. I have yet to reach my 1 gig that I purchase every month.


I found this article very helpful:

It walks your through common apps, to limit data to just WiFi.

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