How do I set up Voicemail through Google Voice


I am porting my phone number to Google Voice and will be forwarding calls to my newly activated RW number. However when I was trying to activate voicemail in the GV settings, it said my Bandwidth number was not supported. How do I set up Voicemail when all my calls will be forwarded from GV (no plans to give out my RW number)


I believe this is done via voicemail forwarding in the Republic app
open republic app tap the littler plus icon and select customize voicemail
then tap voicemail forwarding and enter your google voice number
this is basically what @iharley posted in the old forum
Google Voice Voicemail


If the number is still with Republic, you won’t be able to set-up forwarding. You can’t forward to Republic numbers. Once the number is with GV, you won’t have this issue.


What do you mean, “still with Republic”. I am porting my number from T-Mobile to Google Voice and then plan on using it as my primary GV number. I then will have all my calls, texts forwarded to my RW number (which I won’t give out)

In the meantime I am using my current GV number to figure out how this will work before I officially port. I am trying to set up google voicemail but since I am forwarding to a RW number (Bandwidth, it says that carrier is not supported)


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