How do I set voicemail to forward to YouMail?


I downloaded You mail in an attempt to combat all of the unwanted robocalls and having trouble forwarding my voicemail to the app. I follow the instructions but get the message that Republic is unable to dial the number. Has anyone found a workaround?


I don’t have experience with YouMail but I know @happywillow0 was testing it a few years ago

what I do know is Republic Voicemail forwarding is done though the Republic app (Apps setting :settingsicon: then voicemail setting)
also the number being forward to needs to be US/Canadian bases (10 digits)


I’m afraid that Youmail simply won’t work with Republic. Their system, which relies on one common call in number, isn’t compatible with the way Republic forwards calls. GoogleVoice’s voicemail system works fine however.


then someone should tell YouMail as they currently list Republic Wireless as a compatible provider

of course Republic Wireless is also on the unsuported list


I believe, and unfortunately, the thread was lost with the old forum system that, the free service, which has a common forwarding number, doesn’t work, but the premium paid service, which gives you a private voicemail number works.


Thank you that answered my question!

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