How do I setup my email for Apple's


In Google mail when I attempt to set up for my email address it keeps telling me it’s the wrong password???


Hi @craigb.og3zzm,

As of June 15th, Apple is requiring use of app-specific passwords for third party apps signing into iCloud services including email. It’s no longer possible to use the password used to sign into your Apple account. App-specific passwords, in turn, require enabling two-factor authentication on your Apple ID. Here’s how:


Sorry, I should have made it clear that I’m on an Android Moto G phone.


No need to be sorry.

It doesn’t matter what Android phone you’re on. Apple requires any third party (non-Apple) app to use an app-specific password. Your Apple ID password (the password you use for mail, iTunes, etc.) can no longer be used for non-Apple apps on any device.

In order to create app-specific passwords, two-factor authentication must be enabled on your Apple ID. The two support references I linked from Apple explain what needs to be done.


It’s still not working for me…Do I use Exchange and Office 365 or Other?


Good Morning @craigb.og3zzm,

Exchange and Office 365 are Microsoft not Apple services. You would use Other.

Perhaps, a step back would be helpful? Was your email working previously with Google’s Gmail app or are you trying to set this up for the first time? What password are you using to sign into your email?

If you’re using your Apple ID password, that no longer works. For example, if you sign into your Apple ID (used for all things Apple like iCloud, iTunes, etc.) with a password of 1234ABCD, you cannot use that password to sign in using Gmail.

Apple now requires use of app-specific passwords when using Google’s Gmail (and other 3rd party apps). App-specific passwords are randomly generated by Apple and require two-factor authentication be enabled for your Apple ID. If you haven’t yet enabled two-factor authentication and generated the needed app-specific password, you’ll need to sign into your Apple ID and do so here:!&page=signin. This must be done before you’ll be able to sign in to your account using Gmail on your Republic phone. Apple explains how to do this here:

and here:


Working! Thank you for the help.


My pleasure!


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