How do I stay on Sprint network when I order new phone?


I currently have a RW Moto G 1st Gen phone on the Sprint network (3 years, 8 months). Everything works fine everywhere I go. I am ordering the Moto G5 Plus today. How do I make sure RW sends me a Sprint enabled phone?

I have heard too many horror stories here and from friends and family in different parts of the country about the T-Mobile network. I don’t want that network.

My zipcode is 30034.



There’s not really an official way to ensure that. Republic will send the phone that they believe is best configured for your area. If you end up getting a non-Sprint activation, you can then work with support to get a new SIM and have the phone moved to being Sprint activated.


I just compared the T-Mobile coverage map to the Sprint coverage map for your ZIP and it appears T-Mobile has the best native coverage…


I just went through that when I ordered Moto G5+ for my wife and myself. Our coverage at home is so-so for both the GSM and CDMA carriers. I was more interested in the coverage across the nation as we travel, so I wanted one phone to be GSM and the other to be CDMA (Sprint). I bought one phone at Walmart, ensuring that Republic would send a GSM SIM card. I bought the other phone from the RW store. When shopping in the store (before checkout) I used a location that showed NO coverage for GSM, but did show coverage for CDMA. Half the phones were grey’d out. (The G5+ was not since it works on both networks.) I ordered it from RW and a few days later it arrived. I was happy to see the green CDMA sticker on the box and the SIM pre-installed. I don’t know if RW provided the CDMA because I was shopping in a CDMA area, or because they picked it from my home zip code which could have had either. In any case, RW shipped the phone I wanted.

We are now very happy that we have dual carriers when traveling together.


That is the unofficial way to make it happen. Shop using a ZIP code that only shows the CDMA phones, and you should be good to go.


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